Shetty Residence (Borivali)

This house is an aesthetic blend of contemporary and Indian traditional design.¬† The architectural canvas of the house is contemporary with straight lines and minimalist designs, which has been juxtaposed with bold punctuation of traditional Indian decor elements, traditional Arches, carved ceiling brackets, ethnic fabrics & royal motifs, to highlight the Indian traditional decor. Rich hues of gold, red & blue dominate the living room, giving it a ‘larger than life’ feel.

The highlight of the master bedroom is a backlit tree mural, which forms the backdrop to the bed and brings in a regal look. The other bedroom was designed for a young teenage girl; hence the concept was to give a feeling of being a princess, living in her lap of luxury. Her room is designed to have an eclectic mix of different cultures from all over the world, thereby bringing together the sense of luxury living.

Completion: 2015

Clients: Shetty Residence(Borivali)

Project Type: Residence