Mohatta Residence

This sophisticated house was designed for a big joint family, with three generations and their different likes and requirements. Hence, we decided an eclectic theme would be an answer to the design of this expansive house. Eclectic theme is difficult to desegregate, categorize and classify. Eclectic style, by definition, is one that mixes and matches, breaks the rules, embraces contemporary and vintage.

The larger than life feels sinks in while you enter the relatively large living room. The vintage inspired Wood and fluted glass partition, highlighted with grey on the left side of the living room gives a glimpse of the partially covered peach and blue Kitchen. The electric blue accents define & highlight the dining area. The collage of modern abstract paintings forms the perfect backdrop to this eclectic themed space.

Bright, colourful and functionally planned, the kids room gave us an opportunity to explore a playful palette. The vintage yellow washroom door is the highlight of the wardrobe wall.
When it came to planning the bedrooms, the ideology of ‘less is more’ is what worked pretty well. Aesthetically pleasing yet statement elements with pops of colors added great value to a neutral yet appealing canvas.

Completion: April , 2019

Clients: Mohatta Residence
Project Type: Residence