Hill Zill Resort – Club Room

Dahanu Bordi, located only 145 km off Mumbai is an idyllic beachfront that is famous for its extensive beaches and vast chikoo fruit orchards. Keeping up with the scene and tranquillity of the getaway, the interiors of the Hill Zill resort situated here was designed accordingly.
With a thick jungle at the back and the famous Bordi beach by the side, the Hill Zill resort is indeed a nature-lovers delight. Here you will find endless beaches, water sports, and various types of adventure sports for a true experience with nature.
Our task as interior designers was to extend this feeling – connect with nature. The idea was to use absolutely non-fancy elements to create a fancy about the place. By the use of rustic beams, exposed wooden furniture, fresh looking green indoor plants, etc we attempted to deliver a barn style feel. With a touch of modernity, overall, the wet, fresh look offers tourists the pleasures of a country-inspired getaway.

Completion: 2015

Clients: Hill Zill Resort Club Room
Project Type: Hospitality