Choosing a designer and making the best of the quarantine period in this process

danamah on May 7, 2020

Choosing an interior designer for your home / office / project is very important as you would want nothing but perfection for your dream project. Hence it’s very crucial to choose a right person or company for this process.

One can follow the steps given below to ensure an easy selection process.

Step 1: Know your style

You would want your house to be an extension of your persona, hence, before meeting the designers, it’s very important to know what your personal style and preferences are. Analyse and understand your likes, dislikes preferences and most importantly the scope of work.

Step 2: Ask for recommendations

Check with your family & friends for recommendations of designers whom they have probably worked n the past. Or you can also search online on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. Most design companies are active on social media and have their websites. Hence it is easier to contact them.

Step 3: Research

This is a very important aspect or stage in the design process, but is usually ignored.

Most designers have their signature style that they are comfortable working with. Some are into minimalistic interiors, some expertize in vintage interior design, some prefer quirky designs and some are very versatile and are able to adapt to client’s preferences.
Hence it’s very important for you to go through these designers’ portfolios and understand their style whether you can imagine living in those spaces and / or whether you can relate to it.

Based on the above exercise, you can identify and shortlist your favourite designers who match your style and then start contacting them. Even in the lock down / quarantine period, most of the design companies are working from home and are open to new enquiries and projects.

Step 4: Compare

After speaking with all the designers on your list, shortlist top 3 designers. Compare them based on their approach to the project, their design ideas & estimates. And then choose and hire the best out of the shortlisted designers.

However, please note: Going with the cheaper option is not always the best choice. Hence please consider all the aspects

Step 5: Make most out of the quarantine period

Any new project in interior design broadly consists of two phases:

1. Design development
2. Execution

Design stage includes: finalization of the plan layouts, furniture design, materials, colours, themes, 3d views etc.

It is very important to finish this stage before the site execution, to avoid re-work & confusions later.
And now it the time to bank on the quarantine period. One can co-ordinate with the designer on phone calls, video calls or through mails and finish the design process completely, during the quarantine period, so that soon as the lockdown is lifted and things are safer, the site work can mobilize.

Tip: To avoid any misinterpretations or confusions, it is very much advisable to form a contract with all the task, responsibilities, finances and all the other important aspects clearly mentioned. Not only will it help smoothen the process but will also allow both, client and the designer to concentrate well enough on the project intricacies & ensures a good and long term relation.