5 Interior Design Tips To Follow For Your New Home

danamah on January 28, 2020

The moving process could get really intense. A part of it is staging your new in a way that your buying prospects magically fall in love with it and decide to move in. And then there’s your new house interior decoration, which is moving all your furniture and belongings in order to decorate your new home. Quite a task, wouldn’t you say?

Every mover wants to furnish and decorate their house in a way that looks both unique and aesthetically appealing. Here are 5 ideas for your home’s interior design that will instantly make you go “aha”! So here goes

  • Some Of The Stuff You Carried Was Probably Better Off Left Behind

It’s true what they say. Sometimes, less is indeed more. While you move, you may realize that you had far more than you thought you did and not all of it has really been put to use by you. More often that not, it is observed that a sizeable portion of what you paid to move has no significant utility and has hence resulted in a wastage of time, money and energy.

Action Step : Clear the clutter, even if you don’t plan to move soon. Trying to clear out during your packing process will result in a significant amount of work which could get overwhelming for you. We recommend you start the process a month prior to moving out.

Another common problem post moving is that the scale or style of the major pieces may not align well with the dimensions of your new home.  

Action Steps : Make sure your main furniture is classic in style, has a neutral color and is as compact and modular as possible. Go far sofas and couches that can be dismantled into smaller pieces or expanded into large ones as per your requirement. It’s always cheaper to buy graphic pillows or an area rug to enhance your furniture over completely replacing your sofa!

  • Heavy furniture makes moving a tedious process

It is often said that heavier the furniture, the better the quality. However, it is also safe to say that the aforementioned saying is ancient and obsolete, thanks to material advancements.

Action Steps : Consider the weight of the furniture that you buy. Look for pieces that are well manufactured but also made from lightweight materials. Better yet, buy furniture that can be dismantled easily making it highly portable in nature.

  • You fell in love with your old home all over again

Did your home stager revamp your old home so well that you just decided to stay back? Well, we’ll let you in on a small secret. Your home stager didn’t do much other than follow a few simplified design principles.

Action Steps : Set your new home to look like it’s a model home and make it a part of your daily lifestyle. That means no clutter and every room has an aura that stems from the right accessories and color.

  • Paint And Decorate Right

Stop procrastinating. It’s always important to take charge of your home improvement projects if you had any in mind. Strike the iron when it’s hot before merging into your daily routine.

Action Steps : Quit waiting on decorating your new home because it’s never going to happen if you don’t take it seriously. All it takes is a few simple interior design tips. If you have projects you want to do like replacing lighting or flooring, do them before you move in or immediately when you do. Try keeping your paint job minimalistic. You’d be shocked what one bold color can do for your entire room.


That will do it. Decorating your new house is not rocket science. All it takes is a few easy-to-do house interior decoration and design tips that will make your new pad desirable in a matter of days if not hours!