5 simple steps to a monsoon ready home

danamah on June 25, 2018

Keep your carpets rolled away
Dampness is a major problem during monsoons and can turn out to be the worst enemy for your carpets and rugs. Dust on your feet, mould and mildew in the constantly moist air can really mess with your carpets. We suggest rolling up your carpets instead of taking any kind of risk. And safely place them in plastic sheets to avoid adverse effect during the rainy season.

Fix your wiring system
Be cautious if you find loose wires in the house, it is always suggested to get them fixed before the rains. However, if you find out that there’s a defective wire in the house, instead of ignoring it, get it repaired as soon as you can. As it can create short circuits and power failures which can be unsafe for your family.

Relocate your indoor plants
Indoor plants not only add to the humidity level in the house but also invite insects. Hence, it is suggested that you keep all your indoor plants outside during the rainy season. By doing this, moisture level in your home will be controlled and your plants will grow healthy as they will get fresh air.

Care for wooden furniture
The moisture from rainwater can attack your wooden cabinet and furniture and can cause permanent damage. Keep camphor balls between the folds of your clothes and to all the wooden drawers to save them from silverfish. Also, use a dry cloth to wipe-clean wooden furniture. This should protect your furniture during the damp months.

Check the drainage
Choked-up drainage system can be the most horrible nightmare for anyone during monsoons. As we know choked-up drains are a pain in any season, especially monsoons can be particularly difficult. Excess water, food, dirt and so on, can lead to blocked drains. Clean your drainage system regularly and de-clog every week, to keep the situation under control. Apart from emanating foul smell, clogged drains can also be a breeding ground for insects.

We hope with these tips and tricks you will be prepared for the rainy season and will be alert during monsoon. We wish you to enjoy this season without worrying about your houses.

Da Namah wishes you a Happy Monsoon!

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